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Jawbone Ministries gets its name from Judges Chapter 15 where Samson wipes out a thousand Philistines with the jawbone of a donkey. This ministry, formed by BJ Stewart in 2006 is a non-profit ministry that operates entirely on the gifts and donations. Jawbone was originally formed to be the parent ministry for BJ Stewart Band, a Texas-based worship band, but has since expanded its outreach to include other ministries, including a daycare designed to minster to low-income families. The jawbone used by Samson was just an ordinary jawbone until God used it to do something pretty awesome! We desire to be a “jawbone” for God to use however He desires. Contact info: Jawbone Ministries 24550 Country Oaks Blvd., Montgomery, TX 77316. 1-888-336-1560 info@jawboneministries.net